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.....Members' News added on 22nd November 2004.....

Members' meeting dates

Dates have now been set for the monthly members' meetings for late 2005 and early 2006:
Monday 6th December 2004
(no meeting in January 2005)
Monday 7th February 2005
Monday 7th March 2005
Monday 4th April 2005
Monday 9th May 2005
Monday 6th June 2005
Monday 4th July 2005
Please don't forget that we now meet at a new venue: the upstairs meeting room at the 'Fly in the Loaf' pub on Hardman Street in Liverpool City Centre. As usual, meetings start at 6:00pm and end about 8:00pm.

Annual members' visits

November 2004 saw lots of FoWT members joining in the annual special tours of the tunnels. The normally closed sections under the Mason Street house were open, along with the tunnels at Paddington. Many of those present were new FoWT members, but a good number came to see the tunnels again to catch up on what's been happening. We took the opportunity to carry out some initial test filming for a new DVD-tour of the tunnels which we will be releasing in 2005.


Issue 15 of 'The Mole' was completed and sent out to members in October. As is so often the case, several important developments happened straight afterwards! and they are reported over in the General News section. Issue 15 of newsletter

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