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.....News added on 10th April 2011 .....

More features unearthed at Stable Yard site

Further to our previous report, recent weeks saw the archaelogy team uncover more 'new' Williamson features at the Stable Yard site at Smithdown Lane.

Photographs below show the detail. It is extremely unfortunate that the archaeology work is taking place in the context of a forthcoming building project on the site which will likely cover up the new features for a generation, if not ruin them for ever.

On the left the arched tunnel; on the right the foundations and cellars of the old Smithdown Lane buildings, and in the background the Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre. Previous owners/developers of this plot shirked the issue when we insisted that there would be tunnels here.

Moving slightly further to the left, the astonishing discovery of a buried road. Sloping down towards what must have been a side entrance into the famed Triple Decker tunnel. Reports from Williamson's era describe roads sloping down from Smithdown Lane into the tunnels, from which his workers would enter and leave. This is the first time one of them has been seen in our lifetimes.

With the ground churned up by excavation, the threatened original stable blocks await their fate. Of course, those who have been involved in the tunnels know the potential for renovation of these buildings, but property developers do not and we fear greatly that they may not survive the forthcoming development.